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Petroleum and Petrochemical Water Treatment

In the process of oil exploitation, oil refining and other industrial production, there will be a lot of crude oil, product oil and other oil substances in the drainage. The amount of wastewater is large, the water quantity fluctuates greatly, the composition of wastewater is complex and difficult to degrade, the nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in wastewater are not balanced, the water quality varies greatly with the nature of crude oil processing and the process and method, and often contains heavy metals.

Solid Waste Treatment

Chenglu has professional domestic waste and sludge treatment capacity and experience. The company has extensively absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad, successfully developed "intelligent continuous treatment system for domestic waste", and established a whole process service system including waste separation, high-temperature pyrolysis, flue gas purification, fly ash solidification and cloud data transmission. The intelligent continuous treatment system of domestic waste has been running stably in many projects in Qinghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Gansu, Shandong, Guangdong and other provinces and cities, and has been successfully applied in the cold and anoxic ecological sensitive areas such as Qinghai Lake and Sanjiangyuan, realizing the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of urban waste, which has been highly concerned by the government and the media.

Municipal Sewage Treatment

Chenglu has the ability and experience of municipal sewage treatment engineering construction in municipal sewage treatment plant construction, decentralized sewage treatment, landfill leachate treatment and other fields, and can provide users with design and engineering consulting, EPC general contracting, characteristic equipment, on-site operation and other services. In 2001, Chenglu took the lead in implementing BOT mode, invested in the construction of sewage treatment plant in boxing, Shandong Province, and successfully operated it. So far, more than 30 municipal sewage treatment projects have been successfully completed.

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Yangzhou Chenglu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 It is a national key high-tech enterprise providing the whole industry chain service of environmental protection. Relying on the culture of "lifelong learning, continuous innovation", the spirit of "unity, pragmatism, hard work, enterprising" and the purpose of "new technology, high quality, contract and credibility".

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