CEEC Founder Yu Rongsong Guest "Credit China" Column of CCTV
From:CEEC Time:2021-04-21 Read:1225

Recently, Yu Rongsong, chairman of Yangzhou Chenglu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., visited CCTV's "Credit China" column to discuss with the host the development process and management of the enterprise.

At the recording site of the program, Mr. Yu Rongsong told the host Zhang Luxin about the course of the enterprise. Chenglu was founded in 1983. Over the past 30 years, Chenglu has always put product R & D in the first place. Adhering to the spirit of "Lifelong Learning, Continuous Innovation", Chenglu has developed and improved its products through intelligent creation. Drawing on the advantages and successful experience of domestic and foreign domestic waste treatment technology, the company has successfully developed the "Intelligent Continuous Treatment System of Domestic Waste" on the basis of technical cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, realizing the goal of waste reduction, harmless and resource-based treatment. The system has the advantages of short construction period, low investment cost, high degree of automation and wide application scope. It can be widely used in the treatment of living garbage in remote population concentration areas such as villages and towns at all levels, tourist attractions, oil fields and mines, port stations, field barracks, water source protection and environmental emergency.

At the end of the program, Yu Rongsong said that the starting point of Yangzhou Chenglu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is to base itself on the industry and contribute to the society. The company strives to build a high-quality brand with its product reputation, practical and honest actions. Looking forward to the future, Chenglu will continue to provide effective solutions to environmental problems in the process of social production and life according to national policies and potential market demand.