Petroleum and Petrochemical Water Treatment

Since its establishment, Chenglu has focused on water treatment and environmental services in the field of petrochemical industry, actively researched and developed various oily wastewater treatment processes and equipment, innovated and improved traditional biochemical processes, and established a perfect service system for users in different fields such as onshore oil exploitation, offshore oil exploitation, petrochemical industry, wastewater reuse, raw water treatment, zero discharge, etc, Provide comprehensive solutions.

The company's oil-water separation, filtration and biochemical products are widely used in many domestic and foreign key construction projects of Sinopec, PetroChina CNPC and CNOOC, and also enjoy a high reputation in the international market.


In the process of oil exploitation, oil refining and other industrial production, there will be a lot of crude oil, product oil and other oil substances in the drainage. The amount of wastewater is large, the water quantity fluctuates greatly, the composition of wastewater is complex and difficult to degrade, the nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in wastewater are not balanced, the water quality varies greatly with the nature of crude oil processing and the process and method, and often contains heavy metals.

For such wastewater, we can design a reasonable and stable treatment process based on the process shown in the following figure according to the characteristics of different types of incoming water and waste oil.

  • Oil water separation
    Oil water separation

    Mechanical Screen,Demulsification,Floating Oil Skimmer,Inclined plate Degreaser,Flotation,Hydrocyclone

    To remove floating solids, suspended solids, heavy metals, dirty oil and other pollutants creates conditions for secondary treatment.
  • Biochemical Treatment
    Biochemical Treatment

    Traditional Activated Sludge Process,High Effective Bioreactor, MBR-Membrane Bioreactor

    Reduce CODCr, BOD5, Ammonia Nitrogen, Suspended Solids and other pollutants to meet the increasingly stringent emission standards.
  • Advanced Treatment
    Advanced Treatment

    Filter, Ozone Catalytic Oxidation Reactor, Biological Aerated Filter, Activated Carbon Adsorption Device

    Further improve the effluent quality to meet the actual needs of petrochemical wastewater reuse.
  • Raw Water Treatment
    Raw Water Treatment

    Cyclone Desander, High Effective Flocculation Sedimentation Device, Fiber Ball Filter, Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Multi-Media Filter

    Provide safe and reliable industrial water and domestic water. The water source can be groundwater, surface water or seawater pretreatment.
  • Desalination and zero emission
    Desalination and zero emission

    UF, NF, RO, EDI, Vaginal Bed Ion Exchanger, Yang Bed Ion Cation and Anion, Mixed Bed Ion Exchanger, Salt Concentration and Crystallization

    Provide desalting softened water, pure water and ultra pure water with high standard requirements. Salt concentration, salt recovery, water reuse and zero discharge of high salt wastewater in some industries.
Classic Case
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