Congratulations on Chenglu's Successful Acceptance of Rural Environmental Comprehensive Improvement Project in Wenyu Township, Lushi County
From:澄露环境 Time:2020-11-30 Read:376

Recently, Yangzhou Chenglu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully passed the completion acceptance of the demonstration project of comprehensive rural environmental management from Dashihe village to xiangziping village, Wenyu Township, Lushi County.

The project adopts the "EPC + O" mode, mainly aiming at the domestic sewage and garbage treatment of some farmers in Dashihe village, Meikou village, Tonghe village and xiangziping village of Wenyu township.

Domestic sewage is treated in a centralized and decentralized way, with centralized sewage treatment system and single household sewage purification facilities of corresponding sewage treatment scale. Advanced high-temperature pyrolysis process is adopted for domestic waste treatment. A high-temperature pyrolysis treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 10 tons of domestic waste has been built in the project, which can cover all villages in the project area, so as to realize the goal of recycling, reduction and harmless treatment of domestic waste, and directly collect and treat domestic waste in the project area, Reduce the investment and environmental pollution of waste secondary transfer.

The successful acceptance of this project indicates that the construction mode of overall planning and treatment of our rural environmental comprehensive improvement project has been very mature. Chenglu will always be committed to product technology research and development and innovation, maintain the green water and green mountains of the motherland, and realize the harmony between man and nature.