The Third Phase Water Treatment Project of Iraq Missan Oilfield Passed FAT Smoothly
From:CEEC Time:2021-04-19 Read:1357

Recently, relevant technicians from ENPAL and Intel Moody jointly accepted 9sets DN3200 Walnut Filters and 18 sets Double Media Filter in the Third Phase Water Plant (785 Project) of Iraq Missan Oilfield on by CEEC.





The contract delivery term of 27 sets of Oily Sewage Filters in Phase III Water Treatment Project of Missan Oil Field in Iraq is 180 days. The project period is tight and difficult. Through the unremitting efforts and overtime work of colleagues from Chenglu design department and manufacturing base, the design, procurement and production tasks of the project have been completed on schedule and in accordance with the standard requirements, and the project has successfully passed fat acceptance, It fully embodies the call of "product is character" advocated by Yu Rongsong, chairman of Chenglu. The project has been highly praised by Enpal and Intertek moody.