Municipal Sewage Treatment

Chenglu has the ability and experience of municipal sewage treatment engineering construction in municipal sewage treatment plant construction, decentralized sewage treatment, landfill leachate treatment and other fields, and can provide users with design and engineering consulting, EPC general contracting, characteristic equipment, on-site operation and other services. In 2001, Chenglu took the lead in implementing BOT mode, invested in the construction of sewage treatment plant in boxing, Shandong Province, and successfully operated it. So far, more than 30 municipal sewage treatment projects have been successfully completed.

Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant
The construction of sewage treatment plant is one of the main businesses in Chenglu environmental municipal sector. With mature urban sewage treatment technology and engineering experience, the company can provide EPC service for new projects according to customers' needs, or upgrade the existing sewage treatment plants after analyzing their operation data, so as to achieve higher effluent index requirements.
Classic Case:
FengMu Town Sewage Treatment Plant HanShan County Sewage Treatment Plant BoXing County Sewage Treatment Plant
Decentralized Sewage Treatment
The integrated sewage treatment device independently developed and designed by Chenglu is mainly for the collection and treatment of scattered wastewater such as rural domestic sewage, black and odorous water, along expressways, oil pipelines, and domestic waste transfer stations at all levels. The company can carry out targeted design according to the characteristics of different regions and water quality to meet the corresponding effluent index requirements. In addition, considering the dispersion and remoteness of the wastewater, the system can be combined with Internet, mobile terminal, on-site monitoring instrument, database and data analysis to provide users with cloud connected control.
Classic Case:
Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Project of Ziguang County in Heyuan, Guangdong Province Tunchang Domestic Waste Transfer Station Wastewater Treatment Project Lushi Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Project
Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Project in Lushi County
Landfill leachate treatment is a water treatment system designed and constructed separately by our company according to the different characteristics of leachate from domestic waste landfill, domestic waste incineration power plant, domestic waste transfer station and other advanced technologies at home and abroad. The effluent of leachate from municipal solid waste incineration power plant can meet the requirement of zero discharge.
Classic Case:
Fengmu Town Sewage Treatment Plant Hanshan County Sewage Treatment Plant Boxing County Sewage Treatment Plant