Solid Waste Treatment
Chenglu has professional domestic waste and sludge treatment capacity and experience.

The company has extensively absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad, successfully developed "intelligent continuous treatment system for domestic waste", and established a whole process service system including waste separation, high-temperature pyrolysis, flue gas purification, fly ash solidification and cloud data transmission. The intelligent continuous treatment system of domestic waste has been running stably in many projects in Qinghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Gansu, Shandong, Guangdong and other provinces and cities, and has been successfully applied in the cold and anoxic ecological sensitive areas such as Qinghai Lake and Sanjiangyuan, realizing the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of urban waste, which has been highly concerned by the government and the media.

The sludge carbonization integrated technology and equipment developed by the company in cooperation with Tsinghua University has realized the localization of relevant equipment, filled the gaps in relevant fields in China, and provided an economic, efficient, safe and reliable disposal process for the final disposal of sludge produced by urban sewage treatment plants in China, which is more in line with the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy.

Adhering to the enterprising spirit of "lifelong learning and continuous innovation", the company has carried out technical cooperation with South China Institute of environmental science, Ministry of ecological environment, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and other scientific research institutions, and successfully obtained nearly 20 independent intellectual property rights for solid waste treatment. With its unique high temperature pyrolysis reactor, dry deep deacidification, high efficiency catalysis, sludge integrated carbonization and other technology, the company provides personalized design, configuration and service for different customers.

Domestic Garbage Intelligent Continuous Treatment System

Process flow chart of mobile domestic waste intelligent continuous treatment system

Process flow chart of the intelligent continuous treatment system for stationary domestic waste

Intelligent continuous treatment system for fixed domestic garbage

The first domestic mobile domestic waste intelligent continuous treatment system


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Sludge Carbonization

In recent years, amount of urban sludge from water treatment plant has increased rapidly, make the proper treatment and disposal of the sludge which is becoming an important environmental issue. As a high efficient solution for sludge treatment, the sludge carbonization not only achieves effective utilization, stabilization and detoxification completely, but also achieves effective utilization comparing with other disposal technologies.

Chenglu and Tsinghua University co-developed the integrated sludge carbonization technology and equipment. It achieves localization of equipment, fills gaps in relevant areas, and also provides a disposal process which more energy reduction, economic, efficient, safe and reliable for our final disposal of sewage sludge. It plays as important role for the sustainable development of society and economy, and creating an eco-friendly society.

Classic Case
Lulang Movable Domestic Garbage Intelligent Continuous Treatment System
Qinghai Movable Domestic Garbage Intelligent Continuous Treatment System
Zaduo Movable Domestic Garbage Intelligent Continuous Treatment System